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The list of DALC courses open to Erasmus students is available here (Erasmus table Winter Term 2021).

Courses in the SIS


  • All seminars in the Irish language (I, III, V) are open to all BA and MA students, although they for technical reasons cannot appear in the BA timetables.
  • The seminars “Literární překlad: drama a próza” (prof. Pilný) and “Literární překlad II” (Dr Beran) are suitable for all BA and MA students, provided they have an excellent command of Czech. The seminar “Translation of Poetry” (doc. Machová) is designed for MA students with an excellent command of Czech, and counts as an elective course in the MA specialisation “American Literature and Cultural Studies”.
  • The specializations MA English Literature and MA British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies have now been merged into one. Students who started their MA degree before 2020/2021 should follow their previously chosen specializations and select their courses accordingly (when in doubt, consult the head of the specialization).


The sign-up for the winter term in the SIS starts on 22 September 2021 (14:00) and finishes on 15 October 2021 (18:00).

Overview of courses planned for the summer term 2021/22 (to be completed)

BA elective

Dr Stephan Delbos:  Mimesis and Materiality in 20th-Century US Poetry

MA British Literature and Commonwealth Studies

Dr Helena Znojemská: Heroes and Saints: Old English Epic Poetry

MA American Literature and Cultural Studies

Dr David Hicks (Fulbright Professor): Early American Women Writers: The Origins of Feminism

doc. Mariana Machová: Ecocritical Approaches to US Poetry

doc. Justin Quinn: Czech Literature, 1948–2019: Works in English (Czech Department; taught in Czech)

doc. Erik Roraback: Circulating within the Postmodern Cinematic Image


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