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Timetables Summer Term 2021/22

BA programmes

MA programme

The list of DALC courses open to Erasmus students is available here, together with important instructions regarding enrolment.

Courses in the SIS


  • All seminars in the Irish language (II, IV, VI) are open to all BA and MA students, although they for technical reasons cannot appear in the BA timetables.
  • The seminar “Literární překlad I” (Dr Beran) are suitable for all BA and MA students, provided they have an excellent command of Czech.
  • The specializations MA English Literature and MA British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies have now been merged into one. Students who started their MA degree before 2020/2021 should follow their previously chosen specializations and select their courses accordingly (when in doubt, consult the head of the specialization).


The sign-up for the winter term in the SIS starts on 4 February 2022 (14:00) and finishes on 4 March 2022 (18:00).

Overview of courses planned for the summer term 2022/23 (to be completed)

BA elective

Prof. Ondřej Pilný: Irish Literature: An Introduction

Dr Daniela Theinová: Ecofiction: An Introduction

MA Irish Studies


Prof. Ondřej Pilný: Modern Irish Literature II: Modern Irish Drama


Doc. Clare Wallace: Ireland on Film

Dr Radvan Markus: Irish Language 2, 4, 6



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