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  • All seminars in the Irish language are open to all BA and MA students, although they for technical reasons cannot appear in the BA timetables.
  • The Irish-language courses offered may not be suitable for Erasmus students from Ireland who have acquired the language through the Irish education system, and that places for such students are limited. Irish students with serious interest in practising the Irish language in Prague should contact the instructor, Dr Radvan Markus, at  
  • The seminar “Literární překlad I” (Dr Beran) is suitable only for those students who have an excellent command of Czech.
  • The specializations MA English Literature and MA British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies have now been merged into one. Students who started their MA degree before 2020/2021 should follow their previously chosen specializations and select their courses accordingly (when in doubt, consult the head of the specialization).


The sign-up for the winter term in the SIS starts on 9 February 2024 (7:00) and closes on 1 March 2024 (23:59).


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