Annual Evaluation of PhD Students

The Evaluation Procedure has three phases:

During the first phase (in August), PhD students are invited by the Research Office (Oddělení vědy) to upload to the Study Information System all relevant information about their progress in the current academic year and  about the study duties they are planning to fulfil by the end of September, or have failed to fulfil. They should also detail all research activities fulfilled in the current academic year.

During the second phase (in September), supervisors are asked by the Research Office to complete the annual evaluation protocols of their students in the Study Information System. They must observe the following rules and use the following grades and grading criteria adopted by the Academic Board of the Programme (Oborová rada):

A – The student has fulfilled all the required duties and worked regularly on the dissertation. If any of the duties listed in the Individual Study Plan for the current academic year has not been fulfilled, another one listed in the following years has been fulfilled instead. “A” can also be used if some duties have not been fulfilled because of serious reasons (e.g. health problems).

Note: “Regular” work on the dissertation guarantees the completion of the dissertation within the standard time of study (4 years).

B has 3 levels:

B+  The student has postponed one of the duties (including work on the dissertation) to the next year, but this is not a serious obstacle to her/his progress;

B    The student has postponed more duties (including work on the dissertation), or repeatedly postponed a single duty, so that her/his progress is impaired by that.

B–   The student has repeatedly postponed more duties (including work on the dissertation). This grade should be used only once, and a deadline for the fulfilment of postponed duties should be set. If the situation does not significantly improve, the subsequent evaluation should be “C”.

C –  The student has not fulfilled a number of duties (including work on the dissertation) within one year or several years and did not communicate regularly with the supervisor, or her/his performance has not significantly improved after the “B-” evaluation. “C” can be used even after the first year, if the student fails to fulfil a great majority of duties (including work on the dissertation) or in case of a sudden significant drop in the standard of academic performance (if the student had “A” in the previous year). The use of this grade must be thoroughly substantiated.

During the third phase (in October), the Academic Board of the Programme reviews all students’ information and supervisors’ evaluations in the Study Information System. It either confirms them by acclamation or asks the individual supervisors to modify or change them. The Academic Board can also agree on changing individual evaluations or grades.

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