Valeriya Sabitova

In my Master’s Degree Thesis “Brophy, Deligny, and Guattari: the Avant-Garde as Subsumption and Stratification” I sought for the terminological foundation that will preclude theoretical foreclosures associated with the theory of the avant-garde operative on the concepts of the failed revolution and the avant-garde’s subsequent death. The project has won the Mathesius Award.

My dissertation focuses on the interdisciplinary area of theatre, visual and performance art and seeks to juxtapose the effects produced by the representation of violence both on the canvas and on stage. Focusing on the sensation and affect, the project is inspired by works of Francis Bacon, Sarah Kane and Marina Abramovic.

My research interests include but are not limited to representation and performance, performance and theatre studies, sensation and affect, and representation of violence.

Contact: lera568 (at)


“Precarious Dialogues with “Inner Plantation” in Kara Walker’s Silhouette and Sculpture Installations.” Literaria Pragensia 32: 64 (2022). DOI:10.14712/2571452X.2022.64.6.

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“Luigi Pirandello and Francis Bacon: Sensation and Representation.” Pirandello Studies 41 (2021).

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