Guest Lectures


  • Professor Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow): “Scotland in Europe Before Brexit”
  • Dr Edel Semple (University College Cork): “Shakespeare’s ‘Badass Mothers’ on Screen: Aging Maternity in Taymor’s Tempest and Fiennes’ Coriolanus”


  • Prof. Rob Dunbar (University of Edinburgh): “Gaelic in Canada”


  • Dr Monika Kocot (University of Lodz): “When Understanding Breaks in Waves: Voices and Messages in Edwin Morgan’s Poetry”; “Alan Spence and the Japanese Poetic Tradition”
  • Professor Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow): “Edinburgh and Other Smart Cities of the Enlightenment: The Analogue Age of Data, Diversity and Adaptability, 1660-1750”
  • Professor Caroline McCracken-Flesher (University of Wyoming): “Stevenson, Wilde, and the West of the Imagination
  • Dr Alan Rawes (University of Manchester): “Alfieri, Byron and the Politics of Tyranny”
  • Prof. Dr. Aleida Assmann (Universität Konstanz): “Forms of Forgetting”
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Assmann (Universität Konstanz): “Akhenaten. Damnatio Memoriae and the Return of the Repressed: Some Perspectives from the History of Religion”


  • Professor Ruth Morse: “Shakespeare’s Rhetoric”


  • Professor Alan Spence: lecture and reading


  • Mgr. Jitka Štollová (Trinity College, University of Cambridge): “Beyond Shakespeare: Richard III in the Seventeenth Century” | photographs


  • Dr Christopher Whyte: “MacDiarmid and Shame”
  • Dr Margery Palmer McCulloch (University of Glasgow): “Karel Čapek and Early Twentieth-Century Dystopian Writing”


  • Dr Natália Pikli (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest): “Shakespeare and early modern popular culture: the cultural memory of hobby-horses, fools and whores”
  • Dr Katharina Pink (University of Munich): “Romantic Orientalism”
  • Dr Margery Palmer McCulloch (University of Glasgow): “From Orkney to Prague: Edwin Muir and the ‘Single, Disunited World’ of Twentieth-Century Europe”


  • Professor Carlo Ginsburg (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): “Looking at Europe from the Orient (1704-1706)”
  • Professor David Duff (University of Aberdeen): “The Prospectus as Romantic Genre”
  • Dr Alan Rawes (University of Manchester): “Byron and the Liberation of Italy”


  • Johannes Weber, M.A. (Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg): “We once had a poem in the same magazine.” Stoppard’s Versions of Housman and Wilde in The Invention of Love (1997)”


  • Professor Shirley Sharon-Zisser (New Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis and Department of English, University of Tel Aviv): “The Poethics of Testimony”
  • Professor Robert J.C. Young (Julius Silver Professor of English & Comparative Literature at New York University): “Structuralism and the Prague School Revisited”
  • Michael M. Kaylor: “Uranianism and the Uranians: Homosexuality in late 19th-century literature”


  • Professor Murray Pittock, FRSE (University of Glasgow): “What Is a National Culture?”; “Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns in relation to Enlightenment thought in Scotland”
  • Professor Christoph Bode (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany): “Discursive Construction of Identity in the Romantic Age: the Case of S.T. Coleridge”
  • Professor Carlo Ginsburg (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): “Europeans, Indians, Jews (1704)”


  • Professor J. Hillis Miller (University of California at Irvine): “Imre Kertécz’s Fatelessness: Fiction as Testimony”
  • Professor Derek Attridge (University of York): “”Once More with Feeling”: Literature, Form and Affect”
  • Dr Karen Hewitt (University of Oxford): Contemporary British Fiction


  • Professor Nicholas Roe (University of St. Andrews): “John Keats, Leigh Hunt and Romantic Biography”; “Reading Keat’s “To Autumn””


  • Dr Goran Stanivukovic (Department of English, University of Sheffield): “Shakespeare and the Mediterranean Romance”


  • Professor Wolfgang Iser: “Culture: A Recursive Process”; “Erasing Narration: Samuel Beckett’s Malone Dies and Texts for Nothing”


  • Professor Christoph Bode (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany): “William Blake and Roman Jakobson’s Reading of “Infant Sorrow””