Helena Znojemská

Helena Znojemská, PhD

  • e-mail: helena.znojemska@ff.cuni.cz
  • office: room 110 (Faculty of Arts, nám. Jana Palacha 2)
  • office hours: Tue, by e-mail appointment

Senior lecturer in English mediaeval and Renaissance literature and British studies. Her research interests focus on Old English poetry and on historical narrative from Old to Middle English period. She has published articles on Old English poetry and religious literature in Litteraria Pragensia and Prague Studies in English. She also translates Old English poetry and prose and participated in the activities of the Group for English Mediaeval Studies, Modern Language Association of Prague. Her translations appeared in Antologie nejstarší anglické poezie a prózy (700-1100) – Jako když dvoranou proletí pták edited by Jan Čermák (Triáda 2009).

Selected recent publications

“Making Sense of the Past: Czech and English Vernacular Histories in the Fourteenth Century.” England and Bohemia in the Age of Chaucer. Eds. Peter Brown and Jan Čermák, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Boydell and Brewer, 2023 (forthcoming).

“Social Dimensions of Feasting/Drinking in Old English Poetry.” Trinken und Trinkgefäße im germanischen Altertum in Lichte der Archäologie, Ikonographie und Literatur. Eds. Wilhelm Heizmann and Jiří Starý. München, Utz Verlag, 2023 (forthcoming).

“Woman against the World: Two Medieval English Lives of St Juliana.” Writing (about) Women in Medieval England. Eds. Klára Petříková and Filip Krajník. Brno, Munipress, 2023 (forthcoming).

“Loathly Ladies’ Lessons: Negotiating Structures of Gender in The Tale of Florent, The Wife of Bath’s Tale and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle.” AUC. Philologica, 2022(2).

“Sex v anglické středověké lyrice.” Hranice smíchu: Komika a vážnost ve středověké Evropě. Eds. Vojtěch Bažant and Martin Šorm. Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2019.


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