PhD Students

English Literature Section

  • Mgr. Tereza Bambušková: Viktoriánská duchařská povídka – studie žánru
  • Mgr. Anastasiia Fediakova: Food in Anglophone Writing of South Asian Diaspora
  • Mgr. Martina Hrbková: Corporeal Geographies: Women Walking and Inhabiting the City in the Writing of Virginia Woolf and Jean Rhys
  • Mgr. Işıl Karayel: A Comparative Study of Picaresque Hero in Caribbean Novel
  • Mgr. Dominika Kecsöová: The Space of Enclosure and the Female-Gendered Body in Middle English Literature
  • Mgr. Anna Malá: Political Discourse, Rhetoric and its Gender Concerns in William Shakespeare’s Plays
  • Rebeca Marie Murray: Sense, Reason and Romantic Form: A Study of Aesthetics and Rhetoric from Empiricism to Romanticism
  • Mgr. Michaela Válková: The Role of Women in Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  • Tetyana Varvanina: Libertine Philosophy through the Prism of Restoration Literature

American Literature and Cultural Studies Section

Centre for Irish Studies

  • Mgr. Marie Gemrichová: Memory in Post-Agreement Northern Irish Novel
  • Mgr. Klára Witzany Hutková: Giving Voice to the Outsider: Marina Carr’s Revision of the Other of Classical Athens
  • Mgr. Nathalie Lamprecht: Identity, migration and fragmentation: The young woman in recent Irish fiction
  • Mgr. Markéta Pospíšilová: The Concept of Love in the Works of Oscar Wilde

Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory

  • Mgr. Vít Bohal: The Future is Posthuman: Feminisms of Alienation from 1970 until Today
  • Mgr. Elizabet Kovačeva: The Ethics of Choice in the Theatre of Caryl Churchill: A Xenofeminist Approach
  • Mgr. Darya Kulbashna: Note All and Nothing: Indeterminacy of Meaning in the Writing of Samuel Beckett and Experimental Music of the New York School
  • Ndubuisi Martins Aniemeka, MA: (Un)conscious currents in the Poetry of Marilyn Dumont, Niyi Osundare and Lesego Rampolokeng
  • Mgr. Valeriya Sabitova: Sensation and Affect: Embodiment of Violence in Francis Bacon and Sarah Kane

Recent Graduates

European Joint Doctorate MOVES

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