Daniel Soukup

Daniel Soukup studied English, German and Czech philology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. From 2002 to 2014, he taught at the Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy (a small private university in Prague), and for several years, he was also its vice-rector for studies and international relations. From  2014 to 2022, he worked at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, first as the head of admissions and external relations, and since 2018 as the vice-dean for admissions and external relations. He currently works as the communications and head office manager at the Hospital of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Borromeo (Prague). In 2005, he co-founded the European Network of Creative Writing Programmes and acted as its first coordinator, and subsequently as a board member of the follow-up European Association of Creative Writing Programmes. He has published translations, poetry, academic articles, essays, and journalism (in Český rozhlas Vltava, Lidové noviny, Katolický týdeník, Radio Proglas, Deník Referendum, and elsewhere).


„Cikáni“ a česká vesnice


Výhled do skály

Vnitřní Mongolsko

Selected translations

Wallace Stevens: Učenec jediné svíce

Old English riddles in the anthology Jako když dvoranou proletí pták

John Henry Newman: Rizika víry

John Henry Newman: Idea univerzity

John Cage and Lois Long: Knížka z bláta

Timothy Radcliffe: Proč být křesťan?

Seamus Heaney: Lidský řetěz

numerous academic translations published by the Czech Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention













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