BA Final Exam

The BA Examination (bakalářská zkouška, BZK) covers the areas of:

  • English and American Literatures and Cultural Studies
  • English Language and Linguistics

The BA final examination concludes the three-year BA programme. Single Subject students must submit a BA thesis in Czech or in English by a deadline announced by the Department. Double Subject students write their BA thesis in one of the subjects they study. The BA final examination consists of the examination of the BA thesis (if submitted in the English and American Studies programme) and an oral examination in English Literature and British Cultural Studies, American Literature and Cultural Studies and English Language and Linguistics.The title Bakalář (Bc.) is conferred on those who have passed a BA final exam.

Students are required to sign up for the final exam electronically in the SIS: please consult the manuals on the faculty website and follow the instructions.

Examination of the BA Thesis

Students who write their thesis in English and American Studies must sit for the examination of the thesis (called “defence” or obhajoba in Czech) before the examination in English and American literatures. This examination is public and consists of

  • the candidate’s response to all the questions raised and comments made in the supervisor’s and the opponent’s reports
  • discussion in the course of which the candidate must answer all questions of the members of the board

The result is announced immediately after the examination.

English and American Literatures and Cultural Studies

Knowledge of all major stages, trends, genres and authors of English and American Literature is required as well as the ability to use basic theoretical terminology.

The examination topics for the oral part are chosen according to the examinee’s reading list which must be based on a model reading list. The questions cover the main developments (movements, trends, schools) in both literatures and test the examinee’s general survey in literary history and knowledge of the important terms of literary theory. Criteria for assessment include the quality of thematic and logical structuring of the examinee’s answers, familiarity with material, depth of thought, clarity of expression and fluency in English.

English Language and Linguistics