Ndubuisi Martins Aniemeka

Ndubuisi Aniemeka, currently a PhD student at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory at Charles University, Prague, earned a BA (Ed) honours in English Education and also MA in English, with emphasis on literature from both the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His dissertation topic is “(Un)conscious currents in the Poetry of Marilyn Dumont, Niyi Osundare and Lesego Rampolokeng”. In it, he attempts to examine aesthetic and thematic particulars of poetry, formulate a theory of poetry, typified in the “Signifying Chameleon,” which is hinged on explaining the (un)conscious interiority of hybrid poetics as a language, with its signifying conscious exteriority and creative effects on the writing and reception of Anglophone poetry of Canada, Nigeria and South Africa, his focus literary traditions. His research interests include, but are not limited to Cultural Theory, Anglophone Literatures, Contemporary Poetry, Literature of the Black Diaspora, Ecocriticism, Literature and Medicine, Autobiographical Studies, and Creative Writing. For more than six years, Ndubuisi Aniemeka has taught Use of English and Writing at the Centre for General Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He has served as an adjunct lecturer, teaching English Poetry, among other literature courses, at McPherson University, Seriki-Sotayo, Ogun State, Nigeria. He has curated literary readings and conversations in Ibadan and elsewhere. For more than three years, he was Judge / Lead Judge in Christopher Okigbo Poetry Prize Competitions at the University of Ibadan. Also known by the pen name Ndubuisi Martins, he is the author of two books of poetry: One Call, Many Answers, and Answers through the Bramble (the latter has recently received a nomination in PAWA Poetry Prize, the English category). He has also published several academic articles and literary reviews.

Contact: ndubuisi_aniemeka (at) yahoo.com

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