Louis Armand, BA (Hons.) (UNE), PhD (Prague)


Adjunct Members

  • Darren Tofts (Swinburne)
  • Pierre Joris (SUNY-Albany)
  • Holly Tavel (Pratt Institute)
  • Jane Lewty (Amsterdam)
  • Bonita Rhoads (Masaryk)
  • Mark Divo (D.I.V.O Institute)

PhD Students

  • Mgr. Vít Bohal: The Future is Posthuman: Feminisms of Alienation from 1970 until Today
  • Mgr. Yana Gridneva: Animal at the Intersection: Cultural Representations of Animality
  • Mgr. Elizabet Kovačeva: The Ethics of Choice in the Theatre of Caryl Churchill: A Xenofeminist Approach
  • Mgr. Darya Kulbashna: Note All and Nothing: Indeterminacy of Meaning in the Writing of Samuel Beckett and Experimental Music of the New York School
  • Mgr. Valeriya Sabitova: Sensation and Affect: Embodiment of Violence in Francis Bacon and Sarah Kane