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The list of DALC courses open to Erasmus students is available here, together with important instructions regarding enrolment.

Students coming on exchange directly to DALC are advised to register for courses in the Student Information System (SIS) as soon as possible – please make sure to register for the respective Erasmus course code which ends with ‘E’. If you are unable to do so (e.g. you do not have access to the SIS), please contact the course instructor by e-mail.

Other exchange students are requested to contact the course instructor prior to registration.

Please note that some MA courses require prior training in the discipline, and they are not always open to BA students. The final decision about enrolment always rests with the course instructor.

In addition to enrolling in the courses via the Student Information System (SIS), please make sure you sign up to the course platform on Moodle (the SIS link above will also guide you to Moodle).

NB: courses not included on the list are not open to Erasmus students due to capacity or other issues.

Academic Misconduct

The Department has a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism.

The submission of a work wholly or partly plagiarized shall be considered as a failure to meet the requirements for assessment in the course concerned. Consequently, the minimum penalty for plagiarism shall be the awarding of a fail grade for the course. Repeated instances of plagiarism shall result in the termination of study. To prevent unintentional lapses, students are advised to consult the DALC essay guidelines. Please also consult the Dean’s provision detailing the official stance of the Faculty, including a comprehensive definition of plagiarism.

Communication and Forms of Address

For members of staff, please use their academic title (Doctor, Professor) and surname:

Dear Professor Novotná / Dear Professor Novotný

Dear Dr Dvořáková / Dear Dr Dvořák

If you are unsure about the person’s title, please use Mr or Ms and their surname:

Dear Ms Němcová / Dear Mr Němec

Kindly refrain from using the title ´Miss’, from addressing all staff members as ‘Professors’, and from using first names only, unless the person specifically encourages you to do so (or uses their first name in correspondence). In Czech, the polite form of address (‘vykání’) is expected, unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

Official communication should be polite and professional, more like a letter than social media messaging.

Gender Equality and Discrimination

The Department has a zero tolerance policy on any form of discrimination.

Discrimination is verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward another individual because of their gender, race, religion, national origin, age or disability. Students or staff members who have experienced discrimination in any form, including sexual harassment, are strongly encouraged to approach one of our designated officers. We guarantee both confidential treatment and timely action against discriminatory behaviour.

Designated Officers: Dr Daniela Theinová, Dr Radvan Markus

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