PhD Anglophone Literatures and Cultures

The Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures offers a doctoral programme in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. Applicants may choose one of two modes of study:

  • internal (4 years with a scholarship)
  • external (referred to as “combined” in university materials; 5 to 8 years without a scholarship)

The core of the programme is an innovative doctoral dissertation which must be recommended by the student’s supervisor and two examiners and defended in public before an examination board. Formal properties of the dissertation are described here.

Doctoral students must prepare, in cooperation with the supervisor, an individual study plan. This plan must include the following obligations (students enrolled in the programme prior to 2021 continue their studies according to the curriculum valid at the time of their enrolment):

  • Doctoral seminar consisting of two one-semester PhD courses (including Rhetoric in Literature and Philosophy, a course supplemented with instruction in practical issues of academic career development) and two semesters of short paper presentations.
  • Foreign language exam (German, French, Spanish) organized by the Faculty of Arts Language Centre. Other languages may be assigned in view of the dissertation topic.
  • Exam in Philosophy – organized by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.
  • Expanded theses of the PhD dissertation.
  • Dissertation chapter submitted by the end of the third year of study.
  • Research activities including an article published in a peer-reviewed journal or a chapter in a peer-reviewed monograph, a conference presentation, a research stay abroad, and a minimum of two other research activities (such as an application for a grant project, editing a collection of essays or conference proceedings, translation of an academic article or book, work on an academic conference committee, teaching a BA/MA-level course, another academic publication or conference presentation). A minimum of five activities must be fulfilled in toto.
  • One to three one-semester courses in a subject of relevance to the student’s dissertation, as specified in the individual study plan; this obligation may be substituted by an additional research activity approved by the supervisor.
  • Regular consultations with the supervisor.

For details, please consult the approved study plans:

Student progress is evaluated at the end of each year by their supervisor, the evaluation being subject to the approval of the Subject Board (“oborová rada”).

Further details concerning the rules of study are outlined in the Faculty of Arts Study Regulations: in Czechin English.

The PhD programme is concluded by:

For further information concerning the PhD programme, please contact the director, Professor Ondřej Pilný.


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