(Specializace Americká literatura a kulturní studia)

Director: doc. Erik Roraback D. Phil (Oxon)

This interdisciplinary programme focuses on the history and theory of literatures and cultures on the territory of the U.S., including major nineteenth- and twentieth-century writers and principal cultural features (colonial culture, ethnicity, modernism, intellectual nomadism). Other important topics are post-World War II and contemporary literature (including the transformations of the literary canon and the problems of postmodernism and multiculturalism), regional literatures (American South), ethnic literatures (Jewish, Latino, African American, East Asian), and the relation between American literature and other arts and media, particularly film. Compulsory core courses, dealing with major American writers, contemporary literature and American film are complemented by a wide range of other courses. Students may participate in one-semester exchanges with selected U.S. universities (including American University, Washington, D.C.; Kansas State University; New York University; SUNY).

The programme consists of 4 basic and 4 elective courses for single-subject students. In addition, 6 courses can be taken from other special programmes. Two-subject students have to take 2 basic and 3 elective courses plus 1 course from another special programme.  Basic courses are offered each academic year (either in the winter or summer semester). The offer of elective and extension courses varies each academic year. For further information please consult the detailed description of the MA programme requirements.

BA Programme

The Section provides for all survey courses in American Literature within the BA programme in English and American Studies, as well as for a number of elective courses.

For the current offer of courses, kindly see the timetables.