MA Applicant (Anglophone Literatures)

We welcome motivated applicants with a BA degree in English or a related discipline, who have a strong foundation in the field, excellent written and spoken English and a proposed research project that fits within the fields of specialisation available within the Department. The programme offers students a range of specialised pathways that is unique in Central Europe. Courses are taught by scholars who actively participate in the academic community and publish in these areas. Generally, the special programmes include either an introduction to the theory, history and contemporary practice of specialised disciplines, or an overview of a broader, interdisciplinary area (e.g. Critical and Cultural Theory, British and Commonwealth Cultural Studies). All courses are assessed by means of credits compatible with the EU system (ECTS).

Instruction takes the form of small group seminars that facilitate discussion, close reading of specific texts and individual attention from the instructor.

Applicants are advised to check the research interests of members of staff when preparing a draft thesis topic and to consult information on MA thesis requirements. We highly recommend consulting outstanding MA theses defended at the department (freely available in the Charles University Digital Repository), as well as sample thesis proposals: sample 1, sample 2, sample 3.

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Forms of Study

  • Single-subject study:
    Single-subject students are enrolled only in the MA programme of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures.
  • Joint-subject study:
    Double Subject students are enrolled in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures AND another MA-level subject within the Faculty of Arts. They must pass the entrance exams in both subjects. In the final year of their studies (and six months at least before the viva) they must choose a thesis topic in one of their two subjects of study.


The MA programme is normally two years (i.e. four semesters of instruction) for full-time students.

General Structure

Students select an area of specialisation according to their research interests:

Students must complete a certain amount of basic and elective courses from the special programme, and they may also choose extension courses from the offer of the other special programmes.

For detailed information on the structure of the programme, please consult the recommended study plan:

The MA degree is concluded by the MA final exam and the defence of the MA thesis.

Graduate Profile

The purpose of the MA programme is to prepare students for professional careers in research, teaching or translation and to develop an intercultural perspective in Anglophone studies by bringing together gifted students from the Czech Republic and around the world. Many of our graduates have also gone on to work in the media, diplomacy and international agencies. Graduates of the MA programme have significant experience in creatively developing and researching the topic of their final thesis, and advanced knowledge of the critical and historical contexts of the study of Anglophone literatures and cultures, as well as a valuable set of transferrable skills (excellent written and spoken English, research expertise across media, critical thinking and creative problem-solving).

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