Prof. PhDr. Martin Procházka, CSc.


PhD Students:

  • Mgr. Tereza Bambušková: Viktoriánská duchařská povídka – studie žánru
  • Mgr. Eva Bilská: Shakespeare’s Political World and Its Transformations
  • Mgr. Anastasiia Fediakova: Food in Anglophone Writing of South Asian Diaspora
  • Mgr. Martina Hrbková: Corporeal Geographies: Women Walking and Inhabiting the City in the Writing of Virginia Woolf and Jean Rhys
  • Mgr. Dominika Kecsöová: The Space of Enclosure and the Female-Gendered Body in Middle English Literature
  • Mgr. Anna Malá: Political Discourse, Rhetoric and its Gender Concerns in William Shakespeare’s Plays
  • Rebeca Marie Murray: Godwinian Idealism
  • Rui Rato: Belladona’s Plight: Erotic Transgressions in Victorian Literature
  • Tetyana Varvanina: Libertine Philosophy through the Prism of Restoration Literature

Former PhD Students: