BA Entrance Exam (ENG)

The entrance exam is only written (there is no interview), the maximum number of points is 100.

The guarantors of the admission procedure are Dr Mirka Horová and Dr Gabriela Brůhová.

The exam consists of the following components:

  • reading comprehension, based on a non-fiction (popular science) text: 20 points
  • practical language test, testing fluency in grammatically correct, idiomatic English: 20 points
  • brief essay on a literary topic testing active practical language fluency and the abilities of critical thinking and independent and stylistically apt statement on a complex subject: 20 points
  • linguistic test, examining the knowledge of the English language system and vocabulary, basic grammatical/linguistic terminology and its application: 20 points
  • culture test, examining the knowledge of basic literary-theoretical terminology and the literatures and cultural history of English-speaking countries: 20 points

The exam is assigned in English, except for component 4 – linguistic test, which is assigned in Czech. Both Czech and English linguistic terminology may be used in the answers.

The exam is anonymous (applicants are assigned a unique code number, only collated with their name after all the tests have been marked and scored). Net duration (excluding presentation and instruction) is 120 minutes.

No language certificates are required, and no extra points are assigned for them.

The entrance exam may not be waived.

The test is the same for both BA programmes (English and American Studies; English Language and Literature in Education). Students applying for both write it only once.

Required skills

Good practical knowledge of English grammatical system and vocabulary, basic awareness of the cultural, socio-political, historical and geographical facts of English-speaking countries and an adequate reading experience in Anglophone literatures demonstrating a deeper interest in the area.

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