Ladislav Nagy

Ladislav Nagy read English and philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University Prague, in 1993 to 1999. In his PhD study he focused on contemporary British fiction and taught a number of seminars in this field, first jointly with Martin Hilský, then independently. He was the editor of the British section at, and his reviews and essays have appeared in mainstream media, such as dailies Lidové noviny, Hospodářské noviny and others (Tvar, A2, Respekt, Reflex). He has published a number of prefaces and afterwords to translations from British and American literature. In 2020, he received the award Magnesia Litera for the best translation of the year (Edward St Aubyn: Patrick Melrose I).


Translations (selection)

  • Julian Barnes: Pohlédnout do slunce
  • Harold Bloom: Kánon západní literatury
  • Lawrence Durell: Černá kniha
  • Umberto Eco: Meze interpretace
  • Kazuo Ishiguro: Nokturna
  • Helen Oyeyemi: Dívka jménem Boy
  • James Robertson: Závěť Gedeona Macka
  • Edward St Aubyn: Marně hledám slov, Patrick Melrose
  • Barry Unsworth: Tanečnice
  • Hayden White: Tropika diskursu
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