Student Association Schwa

Schwa is a student society which aims to bring together all students of English and American Studies and support them in organising creative projects and events. Students of other programmes at the Faculty of Arts with a passion for the English language are welcome to all events as well. Schwa receives support from Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures  and Department of English Language and ELT Methodology.

We organize various events throughout the year and most of them are English-friendly:

  • The Artful – annual collection of creative writing (poetry & prose)
  • Schwa Film Screenings – important Anglophone films with brief introductions and presentations
  • Schwa Theatre Club – theatre-going group (most plays are in Czech)
  • Literary evenings – reading of authorial works
  • Pub quizzes – usually during the exam period to let off some steam
  • Freshers’ weekend – an introductory weekend for new students
  • Parties: Christmas parties, welcome parties (part of the Freshers’ Weekend)

To find out more about us and what we are currently up to, visit our Facebook page, our website, or follow us on Instagram @FFSchwa.

We are also closely connected to Shakespeare Production where many of our members have played under the guidance of John Martlew. Each year, Shakespeare Production stages one play by William Shakespeare. The group consists of non-native speakers of English. If you would like to join the group, contact Václav Kyllar who organizes castings.

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