PhD Entrance Exam

Applicants are admitted on the basis of an entrance interview which includes:

  • the applicant’s presentation of the proposal of the PhD dissertation and a subsequent discussion of the theoretical and practical aspects of the proposal, assessing the practicability of the project and the applicant’s capacity for independent research in the field. Applicants must demonstrate their readiness to fulfil the requirements of the PhD curriculum (publication, conference presentations, grant applications, etc. – see the full curriculum in the download menu).
    (0-30 points)
  • an evaluation of the applicant’s previous research activities and professional career in the field
    (0-15 points)
  • an oral examination of the applicant’s knowledge of the specific field based on the study of critical literature (drawing on the submitted reading list)
    (0-15 points)

An applicant who scores zero in any of the components of the examination is not considered eligible for the study.

An applicant will only be accepted if a supervisor can be provided for the proposed dissertation topic.

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