New Course on Kane and Beckett Taught by DALC PhD Students

DALC PhD students Darya Kulbashna and Valeriya Sabitova are going to teach a special seminar on “Samuel Beckett and Sarah Kane: The Media of Violence” in the Winter Term 2022/23. The course is supported by a scheme organized by CUFA International Office and open to both regular and Erasmus students.

  • Friday, 14:10-15:45, Room 111

Course Description:
The course aims at the exploration and deeper understanding of the multimedial phenomena of violence in the works of Samuel Beckett and Sarah Kane. The two playwrights became canonical theatrical figures of their time, which both foregrounds the importance of the present academic investigations, and explains the inevitable ties between Kane’s plays and the works
of her predecessor — Beckett. The course offers an analysis of violence on stage and in the texts, as well as its effects on the perceiving audience. These traditional media of violence in the theatrical realm will be supplemented by such topics as auto-violence, psychic violence, and the violence of silence among others. Apart from getting familiar with the most known oeuvres by Beckett and Kane (e.g. Waiting for Godot, Endgame, and Blasted, 4.48 psychosis, respectively), the students will gain a wider perspective on violence in various tangential types of arts. Thus, the course will suggest parallels with Francis Bacon, Paul Thek, Morton Feldman, Marina Abramović, and Kara Walker.


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