(Specializace Britská studia a studia oblasti Britského společenství)

Director: PhDr. Soňa Nováková, CSc., M.A.

This special programme focuses on most of the key regions represented in the Commonwealth of Nations – Australia and the South Pacific, North America (Canada and the Caribbean), South Asia and Africa – in relation to Britain. The perspective is diachronic and synchronic, contemporary and historical, examining the consequences of imperial history in Britain and the post-colonial situation in former colonies. The fields currently studied in basic and elective courses include an introduction to the study of Canadian culture and multicultural writing, Scottish literature, Australian art and film. The offer is supplemented by a two-week intensive course on Indian literature in English. 

In the new Anglophone Literatures and Cultures MA study (since 2013), the programme consists of 4 basic and 4 elective courses for single-subject students. In addition, 6 courses can be taken from other special programmes. Two-subject students have to take 2 basic and 3 elective courses plus 1 course from another special programme.  Basic courses are offered each academic year (either in the winter or summer semester). The offer of elective and extension courses varies each academic year.
The final special programme examination mandatory for students who began studies before 2013 takes the form of a review of the results in individual special programme courses done on the basis of brief reports containing graded assessments of students’ performance in the course. These reports must be submitted to the director of the programme by instructors of individual courses.

A detailed description of the MA programme requirements: till 2013 and from 2013.

BA Programme 

The Section provides for all British Studies courses within the BA programme in English and American Studies, as well as for some elective courses.


Special programme - basic courses

  • Introduction to Canadian Studies
  • Canadian Multicultural Literature
  • British Literature of the African and Asian Diaspora (Contemporary Black and South Asian British Writers)
  • Introduction to Scottish Literature
  • Special programme - elective courses

  • Canadian Aboriginal Literature
  • Modern Scots Novel
  • Scottish Speculative Fiction
  • + Recommended Interdisciplinary Courses from Other Special Programmes

  • Women in English Literature 1660-1800
  • The Poetry of W.B. Yeats
  • Anglo-Irish Writing from Swift to Shaw
  • Immigrant Literature of Modernism and Beyond
  • Modern Irish Literature I: Tradition and Innovation
  • Global Anglophone Literature
  • BA courses

  • Introduction to Canadian Studies
  • Introduction to Scottish Literature
  • British Cultural History: An Introduction
  • British Cultural Studies in Historical Perspective
  • Modern Scots Novel