Martina Pranić

Martina Pranić, PhD.

  • e-mail: martina.pranic (at)
  • room: 219c (nám. Jana Palacha 2)

Postdoctoral researcher with the KREAS project. She holds a joint doctorate from Charles University and Free University in Berlin, completed within the TEEME programme. Her research interests are located at the intersection of literary studies and history. Broadly understood, they include early modern literature and theatre, history of ideas and comparative literature: especially debates concerning minor and major literatures. In her  work, she aims to combine historicist research with theoretical insight and question the tension between perceived margins and centres. Her doctoral thesis, based on comparative readings of theatrical and literary texts from early modern German, Bohemian, Ragusan and English cultures, understood folly as a non-linear mode of thought that appears cross-culturally in different genres and mocks the ubiquitous human need for certainty. Her upcoming monograph will examine Histories of Brother Jan Paleček, one of the most notable examples of wise folly in Bohemian early modern literature.

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