Klára  Kolinská

Klára Kolinská

Klára Kolinská teaches at the Department of Anglophone Studies at Metropolitan University, Prague, and at the English department of Charles University, Prague. Her main areas of teaching and research include early and contemporary Canadian fiction, theatre and drama, multiculturalism, and Aboriginal literature and theatre. She has published mainly on Canadian Aboriginal literature and theatre, Canadian prose fiction, and theory and practice of narrative and storytelling. Her main publications and co-editions include: Women in Dialogue: (M)Uses of Culture. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 2008. Waiting for Coyote. Contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Drama and Theatre. Větrné mlýny: 2007. Contemporary Aboriginal Literature in North America: special issue of Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture. Charles University, Prague: 2005. Shakespeare and His Collaborators Over the Centuries. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: 2008.

Klára Kolinská welcomes thesis proposals in the following areas:
BA: Canadian cultural studies, contemporary anglophone Canadian literature.
MA and PhD: early, as well as contemporary Canadian literature, Aboriginal North American literature and culture, multiculturalism, Canadian drama and theatre, travel writing, issues of national literature and culture, cultural identity formation