New Issue of Litteraria Pragensia: Celtic Languages in a Globalized World


The latest issue of Litteraria Pragensia, "Celtic Languages in a Globalized World", edited by Dr Radvan Markus and Dr Petra Johana Poncarová, is now available on the journal website in the open access mode.


Radvan Markus, Petra Johana Poncarová: Celtic Languages in a Globalized World: Introduction

Radvan Markus: The Irish Language and the Pursuit of Freedom

Daniela Theinová: Language and Crisis in Contemporary Irish-language Poetry

Nelly Blanchard: Nineteenth- to Twenty-first-century Breton Literature: Authors of a Combative Literature and Their Evolving Motivations

Martina Reiterová: “Une arme de premier ordre”: Representation of Breton and Welsh in Revivalist Discourse around 1900

Petra Johana Poncarová: “A Fitting Offering to the Gaelic Thalia or Melpomene”: Ruaraidh Erskine of Mar and Drama in Scottish Gaelic

Christopher Whyte: Writing in Gaelic: Alternative Agendas

Justin Quinn: Irish as a Lingua Franca