Guest lecture on Byron and the Liberation of Italy

Dr Alan Rawes
Wednesday 6 March, 14:15
Room 111

The Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures invites you to a guest lecture:

                                          Dr Alan Rawes (Manchester University)

                        “The very poetry of politics. Only think -- a free Italy!!!”:

                                             Byron and the Liberation of Italy

Why did Garibaldi claim that Byron ‘sang worthily’ of Italy and insist that Italy ‘owes eternal gratitude’ to him? And why did Mazzini state that Byron would ultimately ‘inspire [...] more love’ in Italy than perhaps any other poet? This lecture will try to pinpoint exactly what Byron’s appeal was for Italian nationalists in the nineteenth century, arguing that it was a product not just of Byron’s championing of Italian liberty and unity on an international stage, but also his (un)cannily accurate poetic articulation of nineteenth-century Italy’s deepest dreams for and anxieties about itself. The lecture then turns to the question of Byron’s own attraction to the cause of Italian liberation and unification. It asks, specifically: what did Byron mean when he called the fight for a free Italy the ‘very poetry of politics’?



                                              Wednesday, 6 March, 14:15,

                             Room 111 / First Floor, Charles University, Arts Building,

                                                Prague 1, nám. J. Palacha 2



Dr Rawes lectures at the University of Manchester, where he is also the director of The Byron Centre. His publications include Byron’s Poetic Experimentation (2000), English Romanticism and the Celtic World (2003), Romantic Biography (2003), English Romanticism and the Celtic World (2003), Romanticism and Form (2007) and Reading, Writing and the Influence of Harold Bloom (2010). He was the editor of The Byron Journal from 2005 to 2012, currently sits on the Executive Committee of The Byron Society and is one of the Joint Presidents of the International Byron Society.