1 Sept 2017 - 12 Feb 2018

Romanticism, nationalism and nationhood: Literary perspectives on politics

25 September 2017, 5 pm, Room 200

A Round-Table debate with Prof. Hilsky & Sir Drummond Bone


Irish Language Courses: orientation meeting

Wed 4 October, 19:05, Room 111

PhD seminars

Winter 2017/18

starts 25 October!

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Winter Term 2017/2018

MA timetable

Winter Term 2017/2018


Summer 2017


Celtic Archaeology

Book Donation

The Centre for Irish Studies wishes to acknowledge with extreme gratitude a recent book donation on Celtic Archaeology, Celtic Studies and the Irish Language. The books come from the collection of the late Heinz Pfeiffer of Berlin, and are now available in the Jan Palach Central Library and in the Library of English and American Studies. We are particularly grateful to Friederike Drechsler-Pfeiffer and Noel O’Brien for facilitating the gift.


download Celtic Archaeology book list