World Shakespeare Congress 2011

The 9th World Shakespeare Congress "Renaissance Shakespeare / Shakespeare Renaissances" was hosted by the Faculty of Arts in July 2011. More than 600 participants from all over the world took part. The plenary lectures were held at the Estates Theatre, the opening ceremony at the National Theatre. Plenary speakers included Professor Stanley Wells, Professor Martin Hilský and the famous Canadian playwright Djanet Sears.

Professor Stribrny openingStanley Wellsevening at the National Theatre
main buildingpanelWells na prednasce
cedulkycoffee breakdinner
discussiondicussion with PaulDjanet plenary
drinksCzech groupDjanet sears
Hilsky plenaryHilsky medvedMartin projev
Jill lectureMartin a Stribrnymeeting
knihydrinks residenceHanka a Jenda