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Tradition and Modernity

New Essays in Irish Studies

published in September 2014



Tradition and Modernity. New Essays in Irish Studies. Eds Radvan Markus, Hana Pavelková, Einat Adar and Michaela Marková. Prague: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, 2014. 128 pp. ISBN 9788073085179.


Inspired by the Third International Graduate Students’ Conference hosted by the Centre for Irish Studies at Charles University in Prague, this volume explores the dynamics of tradition and modernity, past and present, in the field of Irish studies. The wide variety of subjects covered, ranging from medieval Irish writing to contemporary plays on Northern Ireland, testifies to the exceptional abilities and broad outlook of the young scholars who address these in their essays. Although each focuses on a different aspect of the vast overarching theme, they all demonstrate that tradition does not necessarily have to be perceived as restrictive but in fact is often a powerful innovative force. The inclusion of two essays in Irish along with those in English recognises the need of a healthy degree of bilingualism in the field of Irish studies.

Tradition and Modernity will be of particular interest to those concerned with the works of Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Patrick Pearse, Emma Donoghue, Owen McCafferty, Frank McGuinness, Charles Plummer or Whitley Stokes.  



David Vichnar

Coincidental Opposites: A Portrait of Samuel Beckett as a Young Joyce

Galina Kiryushina

Saying Seen Again: A Cinematographic Reading of Samuel Beckett’s Worstward Ho

Einat Adar

Or Percipere: How Berkeleyan Is Samuel Beckett’s Film?

David McKinney

“A Room in Beckett’s House”: Molloy and Emma Donoghue’s Room

Hana Pavelková

Tradition and/or Modernity? Owen McCafferty’s Quietly and Frank McGuinness’s The Match Box

Maciej Ruczaj

“The Necessary Synthesis”: Dialectics of Tradition and Modernity in Patrick Pearse’s Writings

Ken Ó Donnchú

Plummer, Stokes agus Comthóth Lóegairi co Cretim 7 a Aided

Hynek Janoušek

“Ci ddú dún …?” – Dlús, Forbairt agus Fóintiúlacht an Téasc in Aided Chonchobuir

Available from the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures office upon request.

Previous collections of essays may be downloaded free of charge: The Politics of Irish Writing (2010), Boundary Crossings (2012).


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