General Information

The BA degree in English Language and Literature for Teacher Education is offered jointly by the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures and the Department of the English Language and ELT Methodology.

Forms of Study

Double Subject Study: Double Subject students are enrolled in English Language and Literature for Teacher Education AND another Teacher Education Programme within the Faculty of Arts (e.g., History, Czech, Philosophy, etc; see the list of programmes at the Faculty webpage). They must pass the entrance exams in both subjects. At the conclusion of their studies they must choose a thesis topic in one of their two subjects of study.
In order to complete the degree Double Subject students must acquire 180 credits in total, 81 from the Department (out of which 9 are for optional courses).

Other requirements include:
BA Thesis
Final Exam

Credit Requirements

All students
Credit requirements
Minimum credit requirements for entering the next year of study
Year 1
60 Credits
Year 2
60 Credits
90 total
Year 3
60 Credits
120 total

Double-Subject Students have to obtain 50 (90,120) credits in both their Subjects together.


The BA programme is normally three years (i.e. six semesters of instruction) in duration for full time students. However, many students take a fourth year to complete the final thesis. Please consult with your thesis supervisor should you need to prolong your studies for this reason.

Students may also apply to study abroad for a semester or two as part of the Erasmus+ programme. However, as courses and credits are not exactly equivalent, this may result in a prolongation of study at the Department in order to fulfil core requirements.